Welcome at Zoovaria

Like all great things, we started small. We were a couple of friends with great ideas and got started. That has led to something beautiful! From now on we will feed this website into a beautiful website. With a complete overview of all outings in the field of animals. 

Our Mission

It's easy to do great things if you believe in what you do. That's why we help people like you. Every day again. We aim to bring you all the news first and create the most complete website for a day out among animals!


In 2014, Jeroen Bons started with Zoovaria on Facebook. He was tired of missing a lot of animal news, because of the algorithm that Facebook works with. He decided to share all messages from all Dutch zoo news on one page.

After some help from various people, Remco Walravens joined Zoovaria in 2015. He had just been divorced and could use a nice change. As an animal- and zoo lover, this work suited him completely. He started building a website that featured all the parks across Europe.

We can use your help!

Our website is one of the most comprehensive websites in the Netherlands in the field of animal (garden) news. We will list each company through its own summary information page. This page can be expanded by an annual contribution by your company. Would you like to contribute to keep our website up and at the same time create more reach through your own page? See here how you can sponsor us.